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Sipping Suggestions

Leavenworth, WA


Leavenworth is a beautiful Bavarian town nestled in the Cascade Mountains, about two hours outside of Seattle. This magical hub of wine and adventure is truly my favorite getaway; perfect for any time of year. My husband and I got married here and make it a point to visit the town at least once a may be a bit of an obsession.


With so many tasting rooms and wineries to explore, I have decided to add Leavenworth to the Sipping Suggestions blog post series. Beginning with the tasting rooms I have visited in 2020, I will add each subsequent winery adventure to this list.


Due to the impacts from COVID-19, hours and tasting availability may differ. Be sure to contact the tasting room prior to arrival. To easily make a reservation, I have linked their websites in the bolded pink letters below.

Boudreaux Cellars

Atmosphere: There are two locations for Boudreaux Cellars, I had the pleasure of visiting their Icicle Canyon location where their passion and efforts of hard work, is felt in every aspect of the establishment.


Service: Tasting with Boudreaux has been my favorite tasting experience to date. I had the opportunity to get to know the winemaker Rob and the General Manager Audré. They were incredibly inviting and made us feel like part of the family.


Wine: The deliciousness of their wine parallels the astonishing atmosphere. Boudreaux Cellars has bold, delicious Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec that will make you salivate. They also produce unique, well-balanced wines from Italian varietals like Aglianico and Sagrantino.

Goose Ridge Winery

Atmosphere: Located on Front Street in Leavenworth, this tasting room is quite large compared to others in town. There is plenty of space to safely sip wine, but it is still a cozy - PNW inspired tasting room.


Service: I have visited this space several times and I have always had a great experience with the staff. Paula is an exceptional tasting room associate with vast knowledge on their wines and a passion for her work.


Wine: I thoroughly enjoy their red tasting flight, which is bold and dynamic. They make phenomenal wines including their First Flight and Sol Duc Red Blends. They do not disappoint in their white wine making either, be sure to try out their Grenache Blanc!

Silvara Cellars

Atmosphere: Their tasting room is located on a hilltop just outside of Leavenworth, overlooking the Cascade Foothills. It feels as through you are on top of the world, as you sip on wine in their beautiful tasting room or out on their spacious lawn. It is the perfect place to share a bottle with friends and family.


Service: The tasting room servers were so lovely and knowledgeable about their wines. Even with such a large tasting room area to service, they do a phenomenal job of taking care of their patrons.


Wine: They offer wines in tasting flights, by the glass or by the bottle. I decided to go with a bottle of Sangiovese for the table and it was the perfect choice on a warm October day. I also got an opportunity to sample their Blanc de Noirs, a sparkling white wine that is made primarily from red grapes. This wine is a must try. I plan on picking up a bottle to ring in the New Year.

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