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Wine Activities: A Guide to Appropriate Attire for Every Occasion

While you may not think it, what you wear to your wine activities involves very strategic planning. This post is for you if you have been blessed with the trait of constantly spilling down the front of your shirt; a hereditary trait that is often passed down on your mother's side.

In the same way you would decide if the day's activity called for closed toe shoes or sandals, it is pertinent to plan your attire for your wine activities. Below are tips for appropriate attire that will allow you to maintain your look throughout your chosen wine adventure.

For working the tasting rooms: I now have experience working in a tasting room and working a wine event, the best advice I got before heading into the wine world was to wear black. This way when you inevitably spill a drop of wine, it will easily blend into your outfit. Not to mention, I have a bad habit of wiping my hands off on my clothes if a towel is not readily available. Thus, sticking to black and maroon/wine colors works perfectly. No stains to date! (From professionally working with wine...) This is also applicable if you are hosting an event of some kind. You do not want to be the boob of the party with a talking stain on your blouse.

Pro tip #1: You can always change what you are serving. If you must wear a light or non-wine color, serve/handle only white wine.

For wine tasting: Florals, patterns, and prints. This is the best way you can go! Blake and I have our go to wine tasting outfits for the Spring and Summer. His favorite look is his Hawaiian T-Shirt and his "wine" colored shorts. Countless times he has spilled on this shirt (see pic) while enjoying wine. Fortunately, the Bird of Paradise camouflages the wine often dripped from his mouth. The key here is to choose a print that has red and pinks through out. It wont help if you have a light blue printed top.

Pro Tip #2: Jumpers and maxi-skirts are an important staple. If you have too much wine and fall off of a bike or trip no one will see your lady items.

For enjoying wine at home: Anything stretchy and loose! Something that will allow you enough range of motion to reach over your dog or loved one to the side table to refill your glass. Here, I am imagining watching Netflix on the couch. My favorite past time.

Pro Tip #3: choose a couch color that will mask the red wine stains. You may happen to fall asleep while enjoying you last glass of wine, spilling the remaining contents of the glass onto said couch. Ours is a dark grey and black tweed like fabric. Only Blake and I know how many times this has happened and perhaps we don't even know.

If you are not embraced in the warm hug of your couch while at home, the attire recommended still applies. The key here is to surround yourself with people who will not judge you as the wine falls from your chin to settle on your belly. This is the occasion where what you wear does not matter! Milk it! Or wine it in our case.

For when the tips do not apply: Unfortunately, there are those instances where wearing white is pertinent for the look or the occasion. Times when you do not have the leisure to strategically plan your attire. You may be required to wear an outfit that is neither patterned nor the recommended red wine serving colors. In this case, you will need to purchase yourself a red wine stain remover. It has definitely proven useful for our household.

It was a great gift from my Grandma and I am incredibly thankful. Without it, one of Blake's two warm weather outfits would have otherwise been laid to rest. Well actually probably not, he still would have worn it.

Pro tip #4: Truth is no one knows when the stain occurred, you can always say it just happened.

This post may not have applied or been helpful to everyone. But if you are anything like me or thrive on a good time, these are invaluable tips for drinking wine at your greatest potential.

I do not however, contend that I am a pro wine drinker. I have vast experience concealing stains, thus were my pro skills are verified. Thank you for the gene mom, looking forward to stain our shirts together in August!

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