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Tourist Tasting: Wine on the Peninsula

Spring is here and the tourists are coming. The Washington Peninsula sees quite a bit of action over the late Spring and Summer months. It is an area where people can get an Airbnb to enjoy the salt water and amazing views. A place for them to put their toes in the barnacles, take long walks on the jagged rocks, and get their shoes stuck and sucked off in the mud.

If you are wondering what to do after getting your shoes out of the mud, here is a list of local tasting rooms for check out the next time you are out on the Peninsula for the day or a weekend get away.

Hoodsport Winery - If you are looking for a historic landmark and want to taste through history, this is your spot! This winery was established in 1978 and is one of the original 16 wineries in Washington. This is amazing considering now there nearly 1000 and counting! That is a massive amount of growth in a little over 40 years. The tasting room is quaint and they are dog friendly. Making it a perfect tourist destination for you and your adventure pup.

Mosquito Fleet Winery - This is our local Belfair spot, it is only 7 miles from our house! They have amazing wine and a great stop in town to stalk up on wine before heading to your beach cabin for weekend. Their winery was created by four locals and it is growing fast. I am excited to say that I will be working at this winery in April! Make sure you stop by for a taste!

Olalla Winery - This winery is so beautiful. I have yet to experience it in the spring or summer yet, but I have been assured it is beautiful. They have outdoor music on the weekends over the summer and host other fun events. It is a hidden treasure and you will definitely need to navigate to the winery, or you may miss it. It is worth the adventure.

Stottle Winery - You have heard me talk about this winery before, but it would be shameful if I did not mention them in this post. It is a great place to get yourself a variety of lovely white wine to beat the summer heat. They are a great stop while out in Hoodsport, a perk if you are driving through is they are only about 5 minutes away from Hoodsport Winery. You can do both in one trip!

Trillium Creek - This is such a cool family owned winery. It is currently for sale - if you are interested contact your new realtor Cameron. When Blake and I visited in January, the owner gave us a tour of their grounds, the barrel room, the vineyard, and their outdoor music area.

I hope this helps and inspires you to come out our direction. Take time to get away and experience wine outside of the normal wine utopias.

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