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The Frugal Feature: Quinta De Azevedo Vinho Verde

Lately, I have had a hankering for Fish or Shrimp Tacos. It could be due to last week's Grape Highlight on Sauvignon Blanc and describing the perfect pairing it makes with a zesty slaw. That and the massive amounts of fish we still have in the freezer from Blake's fishing trip back in July. But, I wanted to try something new to pair with my favorite fishy meal and I couldn't think of a better time to do it than for the Frugal Feature.

I know it seems like I am jumping into summer wine varietals when there is snow still on the ground, that is because I kind of am. While my body is not ready for summer just yet, my palate definitely is ready for light refreshing dishes and wine.

I have had Vinho Verde on my list of new wine varietals to explore for a while now. I have been told it is the perfect wine to pair with light citrus based foods. The price point of this wine also looked For my first Vinho Verde, I decided to try Quinta De Azevedo. Honestly, before I purchased the wine I thought this was a particular grape. Turns out, Vinho Verde is a region in Portugal. Who knew?! Obviously I didn't. But now we all do.

Fortunately, for me and my recent cravings this new wine exploration rolls in at $10.99 from Total Wine. Making it the 3rd most expensive option for their available selection of Vinho Verde. I am kind of a high roller that way...not really. I chose to purchase a higher end bottle to give the wine the best opportunity to show off its goods. I am glad I did, because I love it!

I imagine that a Vinho Verde from any wine shop in this price range will taste similarly. Or, you can take a "risk" and pick up an Espiral Vinho Verde from Trader Joes for less than $5.00. Come on folks, give it a try. After all, the beauty and purpose of the Frugal Feature is to help wine drinkers get out of their comfort zone and try wines they otherwise wouldn't. You can risk a wine being bad for less than $5.00, can't you?

To give you a little more insight on this bottle of wine I want to share with you my raw tasting notes unedited and unfiltered: crisp, apple, pear, effervescent shoe, fizz, summer, light, very drinkable, acidic, Corona, the Corona of wines but better, Pinot Gris and Corona had a baby.

Would a Master Sommelier describe it this way? Probably not, but it will help me remember the wine and commit it to memory. I would love to hear about your experiences with Vinho Verde. This bottle is a great option for you to start out with, but if you cannot find it - try another one. I would love to hear about the Vinho Verde you end up trying and what tasting notes you experience. Comment below, post on The Wine Tails Facebook page or send me a message on Instagram to fill me in. I cannot wait to hear from you! Cheers!

For more information, click on the highlighted words above for links to the wine and more fun from The Wine Tails.

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