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The Frugal Feature: Pardon & Fils Beaujolais Villages

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

This is the first ever Frugal Feature. But, it does not come without frustration. Not in regards to the wine portion of the segment, in regards to the blog writing. I was nearly finished with the post when the entirety of it vanished. A slip of the finger highlighted all of my carefully curated words and deleted them. Where is the UNDO button?! So you will understand if I my writing comes off as contrite after this shortcoming and from the loss of air from screaming into a couch pillow.

Aside from the tragedy (tears actively streaming), I am happy to share November's Frugal Feature. This is one of the new recurring monthly segments, where I will recommend a bottle of wine with a price point under $15.00. For me, exploring wine is a hobby that I enjoy. I am open to taking a risk on a bottle, because if a wine tastes bad or smells like moth balls I don't view it as a loss. I view it as a learning experience and I am happy to have tried it.

I realize that is not the case for everyone. A lot of people just want to cut the bullshit and have a good glass or bottle of wine at the end of the day. They do not want to traipse through the daunting grocery store aisles, lined with ubiquitous bottles of wine looming over you as you try to make a decision. It is my hope that with this monthly segment, I will be able to mitigate some of the frustration by recommending affordable and accessible wines. Which will hopefully also allow you to explore new wines without the risk of them being completely awful.

I am staying on trend this month with a recommendation of Pardon & Fils Beaujolais Villages. I am in love with the Gamay varietal, because the tasting notes are so dynamic and worth the trip to Total Wine. The best part is this wine retails for only $12.99.

This wine is best served chilled. What a chilled red wine? I know it sounds odd, but chilling the wine allows it to open up as the temperature changes throughout the imbibing process. This wine begins with earthy tones and as the wine warms to room temperature, it transforms into bright cherry notes. It is the mood ring of wines, taking you from simple relief to joyous relaxation.

This is also a phenomenal food pairing wine. I paired this 100% Gamay wine with a delicious Chicken Bacon Carbonara. It was delicate enough not to shred your taste buds, but bold enough to taste through the heavy cream sauce. This light bodied wine pairs well with poultry and well, a lot more. Which is why I plan to bring a bottle or two to Thanksgiving Dinner. With all of the rich flavors on the table you need a wine that will not get lost or clash with the wide range of dishes. Gamay is the perfect pairing and this inexpensive bottle is the perfect choice.

I definitely encourage you to pick one up for the holiday, or just because. We got ours from Total Wine. However, depending on how your grocery store values their wine selection you may be able to find it there. Now to drown my misfortune of working too hard due to my loss earlier, with a glass of wine. Cheers!

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