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Summer, Summer, Summer Wine: Summer Wine Activities

We are inching into the summer which means more time outside and much longer days for Washington. You can catch us often spending our evenings sitting outside with a glass (or bottle) of wine, enjoying the weather until our house returns to a bearable temperature. We do not want the expense of an air conditioner so we suffer through the heat of summer on our dock. Reading that back... it doesn't sound bad at all. But if you know me, I do not do heat.

On the plus side, with a much better work schedule this summer, I plan to go on more wine adventures. I would like to participate in activities that will keep my mind off of the heat, until my favorite seasons return. Fall. Winter.

After perusing the internet,I have come across some great activites for wine-ing around Washington. I am excited to fill my summer schedule with some of these awesome wine events. I have primarily been looking at enticing activities around the Puget Sound to pencil into my agenda.

A repeat wine activity for Blake and I will be the CULT Night at Nine Hats Winery in Seattle. If you follow my Instagram you will know we went last week and we had a blast! For $45.00 you get 2 reserved seats, a large pizza, and a bottle of wine. It is the best. The wine and the pizza are superb, not to mention the price is unbeatable.

An event I hope to convince Blake to take me this Saturday is Rite of Spring: Tasting the New 2018 Rosés. It sounds like the event can dump us into the world of Rosé. The event will be a way for us to fast track our tastings and the Rosé experience.

Side note: I also want to go because the name of the event brings me back to my college days. What is up Stravinsky it has been a while! Is the introduction of the new vintage of Rosé symbolic of the sacrificial virgin and the oenophiles of Seattle are the participating cult members? Who put this event together? A genius, that is who! - I will need to warm up my modern dance moves.

I digress.

Another event that has caught my eye is the Harbor Wine and Food Fest in Gig Harbor on July 27th. This event includes a wood fired pizza making demonstration and a wine/salami pairing. Can you tell we love our pizza! Another perk is, it is close to us, but it is a little pricey...has anyone been to this event before? If so, is it worth the $50 per person?

I am also interested in the First Friday Wine tasting in Olympia. For $5 you get 6 tastings of wine. Um hello good deal! This may need to be a boat excursion. Allyn to Olympia is not a bad ride, especially when you are on the open water! Here we come Grand Vin Wine merchants.

There are many more events that you can attend. These are just some that interest me, within my travel proximity. Be sure to follow my stories on Instagram for real time reviews of these events. Thank you for reading! Cheers.

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Kathy Parrish
Kathy Parrish
22 may 2019

I love your blog..... I think I would like to go to a couple of these events with you!!

Me gusta
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