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Rosé Shortlist

Washington weather is teasing us yet again. One minute it is 68 and sunny, the next it is 45 and pouring rain. But, it would not be Washington if there were a consistent weather pattern. To extend those moments of sun and brief glimpses of Vitamin D, I plan to indulge in more rosé!

I have only been recently been getting into the world of rosé . I have always been hesitant because I was afraid they would all taste like a Muscato. I did not have the best experience with Muscato, so I have put it on my allergy list along with Tequila and Whiskey.

Obviously, I was unaware of what rosé actually was until I got into my wine journey. It is wine made from grapes I enjoy with the skins left on for a short amount of time which gives it the pink hue. I also thought it was just a fad and that people drank it because it was "totes" cool. Rosé seems to be the new Prosecco. It is trending.

As iconoclastic as I hoped to be, I was depriving myself from an wine I never really explored. I am still new to the rosé world and I know that there are more to taste. In the mean time, I have created a shortlist of my current favorites.

Browne Familly Vinyards Rosé - $16.99

This wine is made with Grenache and it is one of my favorite rosé varietals. It is the perfect amount of dry and sweet, making for very easy drinking. So purchasing one bottle to share just won't do.

Casa Smith VINO Rosé - $14.98

This wine is made with 100% Sangiovese! Another favorite grape in our household. We are obsessed with deep reds and this rosé transitions the dryness we look for, into the perfect light bodied wine. We love the dryness of this perfectly crafted wine.

Julia's Dazzle Rosé - $19.99

This is the Bearded Man's favorite rosé . This wine (if I am remembering correctly) has a slight carbonation, making the tasting experience very bright. We often will pick one up on our Costco runs. The only thing I do not like it the wax cap on the cork. It often crumbles and will sometimes get into the wine. We may definitely be doing something wrong when opening it, but either way I am not sure why it is necessary.

As a newbie to rosé I have taken my time immersing myself in this wine. I find myself sticking to what I know within the category. I need to branch out and try more! But, it seems so vast and overwhelming that I do not know where to start.

What are your favorites? What should I try next? I need recommendations. The sun is coming at some point which means there is more rosé to be had. Comment below with your favorite!

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