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Philanthropic Pours: Worthy Wine Purchases

Currently, the world is an incredibly overwhelming place. It is important that during this time we are supporting one another. Doing so, or deciding how to provide support can be quite nerve-racking. There are so many causes and so many individuals/groups that need assistance. Finding the appropriate way to support or begin providing support can be challenging.

Fortunately, some amazing wineries have taken on the challenge in directing you toward worthy foundations that contribute to important causes. Making your role as simple as buying wine.

While there are many wineries that offer notable philanthropic programs, I have chosen three to showcase here. I hope the wines and the organizations to which they provide aid, speak to you as they did me.


Located in Manson, WA this winery has big philanthropic goals backed by amazing wine. Owners Charlie and Lacey named their winery Cairdeas (Cardiss) after the intention to spread goodwill and friendship through the wines they create.

Cairdeas has two collections of wines that give 15% of the sales to worthy causes - the Summer Collection donates to the Cancer Cartel and the Concrete Collection donates to Off Their Plate. Two very important organizations that deserve these charitable donations.

I chose to order the Concrete Collection because the Off Their Plate organization truly jumped out at me. It is important to help our small businesses survive and bring food to those in need during this pandemic. Off Their Plate works to correct these issues by providing economic relief to restaurant employees and to aid in feeding those who have been impacted by Covid.

This collection includes 4 bottles of wine that have been aged or fermented in a concrete egg. These are wine vessels that look like giant grey, one eyed Minions. This is notable because they allow low levels of oxygen into the wine over time, ultimately developing flavor and softening tannin. These are very similar to an amphorae - check out the Picnic Picks for more details on this vessel.

To no surprise the wine is amazing! Their Grenache Blanc is light and floral, and their Syrah is bold with earthy tones of river rock. I have really enjoyed these wines and getting to know the Cairdeas winery. I hope you will join their alliance and pick up this collection to share with your family and friends.


I am going to go out on a limb and say this is Chance and Neil's favorite winery. This is the only winery that has sent tennis balls and matching bandannas with the wine. It made opening the box that much more exciting for all of us. Now I see the disappointment on their faces when I receive other wine deliveries, unaccompanied by matching tennis balls. Rascal Wines has set the bar high for my picky pups.

It makes sense that this winery knows its customers so well, because it was named in memory of the winery's dependable Golden Retriever. This winery dog instilled the belief in ensuring Rascals everywhere are being taken care of, the way they take care of us. With these amazing companions in mind, the winery made it its mission to give to organizations that support animal welfare.

A portion of every sale of the Rascal and Lil' Rascal wines are provided to The Humane Society of the United States , G.R.E.A.T. Rescue, in Florida, and Dove Lewis, in Oregon. These amazing animal welfare programs assist in finding animals forever homes and focuses on aspects of providing them with the quality of life they deserve.

Aside from the incredible work they do for our furry friends, Rascal wines knows how to make a wine that will certainly scratch any dogs back! ...That is a saying right? They make an incredible Pinot Noir from their sustainably harvested grapes from the Willamette Valley. It has distinct aromas of cherry and cedar, complimented by well balanced tannin on the tongue. This wine screams cozy cabin and makes for the perfect wine to transition into fall.


It has been a pleasure to get to know the marketing staff at Tinte Cellars and I am thrilled to visit their tasting room in Woodinville next month. This winery is only two years old and has already accomplished many great things for our children and families in the Northwest. Tinte Cellars promotes a culture of community and that is certainly demonstrated in the significant portion of their sales donated to varying non-profits.

This year the recipients include Mary's Place an organization that works toward to providing safe shelters and services to women, children and families on the path out of homelessness; Northwest Harvest which brings nutritious food to hungry people across Washington state; and Seattle Children’s Behavioral Health Crisis Care Clinic who work to establish an urgent care model for pediatric mental health.

Wellness is the core foundation for maintaining our mental and physical health. Providing assistance to those in need is important and it is more important now than it has ever been. The simplest way to help, is to attempt to satisfy all of our basic needs. If we can live better, we can be better.

While Tinte Cellars works hard to help those in the community who need it most, they also bring astounding wine to the table. The 2019 Tinte Cellars Rosé of Counoise is a great representation of the wines they create. This unique varietal, traditionally used for blending was also fermented in a concrete egg. The pleasant notes of nectarines and refreshing grapefruit on the nose, create a delightful juxtaposition to the oiliness left on the tongue. This wine is unique and makes for an amazing addition to anyone's stash of Rosé .


I hope you get a chance to order these wines worth each philanthropic pour. These causes are very important to me and I hope one or all of them will speak to you as well.

Let me know if you have any questions on where to find these wines. For ease of ordering and finding out more, I have linked each of their websites to the bold title above each section.

Please comment below with any suggestions or feedback. I always love to hear from you.


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