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Mixed Greens and Wineries: Food and Wine Planning

This past week was filled with the various Valentine's Day activities. Meaning full on consumption! I am talking about over eating and over drinking. I had pizza, cookies, and a delicious 5 course meal, topped off with delectable dessert.

The morning after the our local Winery's Valentine's Day Club member dinner, I hit the mass consumption threshold. It was coupled by screaming into the toilet and accepting death as a much better option than the slow, uncomfortable onset of my dreaded hangover. I had the type of evening where I made the best of friends with the strangers at our table. Fortunately, there are less than 2,000 people in town so the likely hood of seeing my new besties at one of our two local restaurants is pretty limited...

Like all hangovers, this one prompted the promise of never drinking again and a prayer to any deity that could end the pain. Obviously, the promise was made with fingers crossed behind my back. I know I will enjoy wine again and possibly overindulge, but I am ready for some time-off, limited hours if you will.

With the excuse of the holiday and being snowed in, I have not been remotely healthy. The power is out, lets get Mexican food, or burgers, or anything that is open - I can find something healthy to eat (psst don't worry body I will order a Reuben and fries!). After all of the consumption I was at the point where I was dying for anything fresh. I needed something green and light, I needed a damn smoothie!

Fortunately, with the fresh wound of the hangover Saturday, power back on and melted snow, my unhealthy excuses have been eliminated. I will and want to be healthy. No more grease, no more alcohol, I don't want it. However, I am a realist and I know that after my current commitment to a week long wine hiatus comes to an end, I will be sneaking over to my wine fridge. But, my aversion to unhealthy foods at the moment will likely/hopefully last longer.

I need to find some new recipes and pairings, beyond my homemade burrito bowls and pizza selections. I literally make the same thing every week. I am a planner and I thrive with structure and rigid rules. It is that simple, I will make myself some rules!

Healthy Living with Wine

1. Take Time to Meal Plan.

Sit down with a glass of wine, explore Pinterest and find your new recipes! Plan the (healthy) meals you will be making for the work week. This can obviously, including your favorite and staple meals. Be sure to include your loved ones, attempt to keep everyone satisfied. For example don't make salmon if you know your husband/wife doesn't like salmon. (Are you reading this Bearded Man?)

You can also build in a night you plan to go out to allow yourself reprieve from your new found efficiency and healthy choices.

2. Research Wine Pairings.

Find the best wines to go with your new/favorite dishes. Google is a great tool as well as reaching out to the social media family. The best advice is to go out of your comfort zone and explore new wines that you normally would not drink. There is a reason after-all that they pair so well with certain dishes.

A great jumping off point comes from Vine Pair, chek out these awesome wine and salad pairings.

3. Get the Supplies.

Take your well written list/notes to the grocery and get your goods. Take the trip to Total Wine for more of a wine selection for you food creations. This can be done in one day or in several. I am going to attempt to make Sunday my shopping day. I love the grocery store so it may turn into multiple trips.

4. Execute.

Make yourself do it. This quite possibly is the hardest part. Put your Nike's on and Just Do It! I myself have not executed this plan yet, but bet your ass I will be starting this Sunday and I am excited about it.

I am note taker. I need to have my plans and lists for everything written down. I cannot use my phone for notes because it would just disappear. Due to this fact and to aid in my success in my meal/wine planning, I purchased myself a planner. (At a discounted rate if the Bearded Man is reading this).

This will help me with organizing my health, wine and adventure goals. I used one of these when I was gearing up for the wedding and I loved it! Cheers to planning, pens, and healthy choices!

If you have tools of your own that help you keep on track please share! I am also looking for some healthy wine and dinner pairings, what is your favorite recipe?

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