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Home Renovation: Love it or Drink it

Our household has recently been undergoing a bathroom renovation. In December (yes December) we found our shower was leaking and causing mold to grow in my closet. It destroyed the floor and part of the interior walls. Needless to say this prompted an unplanned renovation of our master bedroom. We figured if we had to renovate our bathroom, we should do so to our dream specifications.

It has been a long winter and now as we are on the cusp of summer, I have come to the realization that Chip and Joanna Gaines spew lies - renovation is not fun or cute. It is dirty, dusty, stressful and expensive. The playful exchanges between partners as they work on the home improvement project do not happen. It is a farce masked by the glitter of commercialism.

As you can imagine, working tediously with your husband/partner on a bathroom renovation calls for ALL of the wine. Cheap wine. Unfortunately, remodeling a bathroom unexpectedly will drastically shrink the wine budget. It will also cause your need/desire for wine to grow.

For those of you who think it will be fun to start a summer home improvement project -think long and hard about it before making the decision. For you brave souls that think you can embody the work of the HGTV stars, here are some good wines for when you realize you were wrong.

AVA Grace - They have delightful wines and their prices are the best. We have been enjoying their ROSÉ and their Pinot Grigio both can be found for under $8.00 a bottle. Also, I am in love with their label art.

Happy Camper - They are my go to inexpensive Cabernet. It is safely below $10.00 and tastes great. Another perk of this wine is I can find it at the little Allyn Market, about a mile away from home!

Charels Smith Wines- We love this winery, they produce amazing varietals in an array of price ranges. We typically will go the the Casa Smith collection because it is down right amazing, but in times like these we turn to the Substance wines, which are much more budget friendly - and can be found at Costco.

Naked Wines - We had a $100.00 off coupon for a purchase of $160.00-$175.00 or more from their site. We got a case of 12 miscellaneous wines from all around the world. We have had an amazing Chenin Blanc and more. We have not had a wine we did not like from the loot we acquired. Do the math on that, less than 10 dollars a bottle!

As you can imagine we are stressed and having a ... time remodeling, but with the help of some vino it is more enjoyable.

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