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Frugal Feature: Psyche - Bing Bang.

We were nearing the bottom of the barrel in the Parrish household when it came to our wine collection. So while braving the world on my bi-weekly grocery store endeavor, I attempted to refill the empty spaces of our wine fridge. A feat that is far more challenging during a pandemic.

I found these wines and chose them purely based off of the label art and their kitschy names. Falling within the Frugal Feature price range of $15.00 and below, these wines make delightful selections for your quarantined evenings... or days. You do you, no judgment.

Typically I like to learn about the winemaker and producer, but it was a challenge to gather information for either of these wines. I suspect they are subsidiary labels of a much larger wine producer. That does not however, impede on their drink-ability. Fortunately, the wines are tasty and totally chuggable.

If you are looking for a bold red to pair with a dinner or to keep you company while your husband is using this "stay home" order to perfect his dirt biking skills - these wines will do the trick. Now if I can just get my dogs to talk back!


Certainly worth the purchase, these wines should be relatively easy to find at your local grocery store. If you prefer to stay in, which is completely understandable - they can also be found online. Click on the highlighted words to buy this wine!


Wine: Psyche

From: Modesto, CA

Where it can be found: QFC, Kroger, and Fred Meyer. You can order it through this site.

Price: $9.99

Description: Cabernet Sauvignon, 13.5% alcohol by volume. Medium to strong tannin providing hints of leather. Deep in color, has an aroma of black cherry and dark chocolate. Pairs delightfully well with soft cheeses, thus serving as a great charcuterie companion.


Wine: Walla Walla Bing Bang

From: Walla Walla, WA

Where it can be found: QFC, Kroger, and Fred Meyer. Through this website you can find the bottle closest to you!

Price: $14.49

Description: Red Blend (grape varietals unknown...the red ones), 13.5% alcohol by volume. Strong tannin exemplified by notes of river rocks. Aromas of candied cherry and bright floral notes. My guess is this blend has grapes from the Rocks District AVA and is likely to be heavily blended with Syrah.


Hopefully you can get your hands on one or both of these bottles during quarantine! If you have suggestions for a Frugal Feature wine please let me know. You can share it with me on The Wine Tails Facebook page or comment below. Don't forget to join the #newwinechallenge Facebook group. I can't wait to hear from you! Cheers!

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