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Food and Wine Pairings: Drink More Plants

It is no surprise that one of my New Year's Resolutions is to eat more plants, I.e. eat healthier. For the past month I have been attempting to eat foods that will fuel my body and keep me healthy. Hopefully this 2020 Resolution will not be short lived, because I have found some amazing recipes. Naturally, in this venture to eat healthier (some recipes healthier than the others) I have found myself making several dishes that pair beautifully with light and crisp wines.

How does wine fit into properly fueling my body? It is plant based, duh! Check out these pairings below and try them out for yourself. Simply click on the underlined links to get to the recipe and to where you can find the wine.

Whole30 Thai Coconut Curry Turkey Meatballs - This recipe is my favorite recipe to share, it is easy to make and tastes beyond amazing. I got really emotional over this meal and fell in love. They say when you know, you know. After making this dish I was happy for myself, happy for the meal and beyond happy for my belly.

Perhaps what took it over the top was the wine with which we chose to pair. We had a Lucien Albrect Cremant d'Alsace, a sparkling rosé of Pinot Nior. We picked up the bottle from our local QFC (subsidiary of Kroger), it runs about $20+ and is worth every penny. It has aromas of honey crisp apples and candied strawberries. The crispness of the wine compliments the unique flavors of the dish, making you wish both were bottomless.

Tip: Order the Red Curry Paste off of Amazon. What is $7.99 at QFC is $2.55 on Amazon for the same portion needed for the recipe.

Low Carb, Keto Rueben Casserole - This meal is so very tasty and while it does not have very much involved in the way of plans, it does fall under someone's diet plan... We are obsessed with Rueben Sandwiches. So, when we were told a new wine we were trying, Gruber Roschitz Gruner Veltliner (from Austria) paired well with German Fare, I jumped at the opportunity to make the healthy spin off of our coveted sandwich.

Is a Rueben sandwich German Fare? It is debated according to Google, regardless I made the meal and served the pairing before I questioned the origin of the dish. Fortunately for us it turned out well. The wine was light and crisp and reminded me of a Pinot Grigio. Many folks compare it to a Sauvignon Blanc as well, likely due to the heavy notes of lemon and ease of drinking.

Tip: Add more sauerkraut than suggested and consider adding horse radish to the sauce for an extra kick.

Sauteed Mushrooms with Toasted Flatbread and Baked Eggs - If you are living in Washington, you know how pertinent getting Vitamin-D has been for the last month. We are getting rained out nearly everyday and need to work on generating our own sunshine. This dish will get you exactly what you are looking for. This healthy meal pairs perfectly with a Roussanne. If you are not familiar with this wine, it is reminiscent of a Chardonnay and pairs well with rich and savory dishes.

Tip: Add some sliced or shredded prosciutto if you want to incorporate some meat.

Pro Tip: Purchase previously cut mushrooms to minimize prep time.

Fish Tacos with Pineapple Slaw - This recipe is unfortunately not Blake's, but he is an artist in the kitchen and the recipe we use is likely to die with him (he makes it up as he goes..) This recipe however appears to be close to what he makes, but with Mangoes in lieu of Pineapple.

We love spicy foods and he makes this dish hot! Because of that, it is important to pair the dish with a low alcohol wine. High alcohol will intensify the spice and burn your taste buds. This is where the Corona of wines comes in: Vinho Verde. The notes of lime in the wine will compliment the cilantro and lime squeezed over your fresh fish taco.

Tip: Grill the pineapple/mango to give it a caramelized glaze and to soften fruit.


I hope you all get a chance to try out these pairings. If you decide you are only going to try one, I beg you to try the Thai Coconut Curry Turkey Meatball dish. I cannot express how amazing it is. If you are looking for more great recipes, check out Mary's Whole Life for some great healthy options.

Also, if you have a favorite pairing, I would love to know about it. Comment below with what I should try in February. I am always looking for more dishes to cook up and pair. Keep on trying new food and wine pairings, cheers!

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Molly Jean
Molly Jean
Jan 30, 2020

Yes it was, you would really like it!


Kathy Parrish
Kathy Parrish
Jan 30, 2020

Is the Lucien Albrect Cremant d'Alsace, the wine you were telling me about when you came over for dinner?

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