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Adventure Wine: CAN you drink it?!

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

I have done it, I had my first canned wine experience!

I have been weary to try canned wines, because I was worried that they would taste like metal. Also, I have been waiting for an adventure to indulge in the new craze. Unfortunately, with the bathroom remodel and the unpredictable weather, we have not been on many adventures.

It all changed this past weekend. The Easter bunny gave us canned wine in our basket. Like any child would immediately open their candy to devour, we popped opened our cans of wine.

The can was full of 14 Hands Hot to Trot Red Blend and it was not bad at all. I was happy to find It did not taste anything like metal, which was my primary fear. This got me excited for the couple of cans of wine I picked up at Total Wine last week. I have yet to pop the tab on the cans, but I will be jumping in later this week.

Because I have yet to delve into the canned wines I purchased, I figured I would post about the best places to have canned wine. Or as I like to call it my "adventure wine!" It will be replacing the bladder of Franzia we would shove into my backpack for similar adventures.

The key to adventure wine is the ease of packing it in and packing it out. You always want the return trip from where you went to be easier than the adventure there.

These are the top locations/activities for fully utilizing the ease and convenience of adventure wine:

Hike in Camping - Your pack will be heavy on the way out, but for the hung over hike back to the car in the morning you will now have one good reason to have over imbibed: a light backpack full of empty cans. (Hangover Tip: rinse out the can so you do not smell the residual wine on your hike back to the car.)

Day Hiking - At least 6+ mile hike similar to Mt Ellinor - a hike that is very rewarding. This way when you get to the top you can thoroughly enjoy the beverage and celebrate your accomplishment with a much needed break.

Boating - No need to worry about breaking glass on a boat! The can also minimizes spill factor if the water is rough.

Dirt Biking - Adventure Wine becomes a necessity when you flood your bike and cannot get it started again. Crack open your can of wine and wait on the trail until your husband/loved one notices you are no longer behind them. It will also make falling more bearable, but potentially more frequent...

Movies - Can you imagine! Blake and I will often shove a bottle of wine with a twist top into my purse to smuggle into the theater, but now all we need is 2 cans of wine! This will definitely bode well for our future movie experiences.

These are just a few of the activities that adventure wine can enhance, there are undoubtedly more experiences to be had.

It is time for me to drop the bag. I am getting older, so I need to class it up a bit. You know for the sister's kids. "Toss auntie Momo a can Emmett!"

What are your best adventure wine activities? It is a new world and you bet I am going to explore it!

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